Dave and Paula's Wedding

December 31, 1997


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cathyandbarry~.jpg (6516 bytes) Cathy and Barry.
meninbasement~.jpg (7340 bytes) Don, Larry and Ray talking in the basement.
pool~.jpg (6467 bytes) Paula's cousin Scott lines up a shot.
giselle~.jpg (7529 bytes) Giselle and friends.
mothers~.jpg (6064 bytes) The mothers.
segavision~.jpg (7908 bytes) Five kids enjoying the Segavision, and Anne.
anne~.jpg (6484 bytes) Paula's Aunt Anne.
fixingtie~.jpg (7138 bytes) Jack Kurtz helped Dave straighten his tie.
harold~.jpg (6547 bytes) Harold brewing up something on the stove.
tenpm~.jpg (7076 bytes) Judy and Ann, waiting for the big moment.
kurtzkids~.JPG (10141 bytes) Cecille, Giselle, friend Bonnie, and Andrew, Isaiah and Ellen Kurtz.
vows~.jpg (7192 bytes) Evelyn ("J.P.") conducted the ceremony.
ring~.jpg (7207 bytes) "With this ring I do thee wed."
kiss~.jpg (7076 bytes) "You may kiss the bride."
cousins~.jpg (7574 bytes) Cousins and the bride and groom.
toast~.jpg (8300 bytes) In his toast, Don quoted Giselle, "Finally!"